What is mediation?

Mediation is a cooperative conflict resolution method in which an independent, neutral third party, called a mediator, assists the parties in resolving a dispute.

The mediation process is a flexible, confidential, and out-of-court process in which the parties work together through structured negotiations with the help of the mediator to reach an agreement that meets their needs and interests.

The essential difference to court proceedings is that the parties themselves actively and on their own responsibility participate in finding a solution to their conflict that is in line with their interests. The power to decide on the continuation and outcome of the mediation process remains with the parties at all times.

The mediator is neither a judge nor an arbitrator, but an impartial mediator who guides the parties through the process without coercion on the basis of his training and experience. With expertise and appropriate methodology, he assists in defining their interests and jointly developing future-oriented solutions to the conflict.

The subsequent examination and evaluation of the possible solutions found leads to the elaboration of the most suitable alternative for all parties. The future-oriented agreement worked out jointly by the parties increases acceptance and viability on both sides.

The conclusion of mediation should be a (also legally binding) agreement on conflict resolution, which all parties involved in the conflict sign and implement.

Advantages of the mediation

  • Quick and inexpensive conflict resolution in contrast to costly proceedings
  • Needs and interests of all parties involved are taken into account
  • Protection of your company from image loss
  • Planning security
  • Full control over the negotiations and their outcome
  • Continuation of business or personal relations
  • Opening of new creative solution options
  • Achievement of economically profitable results
  • Preservation of confidentiality on both sides

In case of conflict:

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More information:

EUCON recommends the inclusion of mediation clauses in contracts as a precaution against conflict as early as the conclusion of the contract.:

How you can submit a mediation request to EUCON and how the procedure works is shown here:

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